Department of Education (DOE)​

The NYC Department of Education (DOE) manages the city’s public school system. 
They will support you and your child(ren)’s education, from providing support in transportation, attendance, and physical and mental health.

Where can I go for help?​

At Your School

There is a team of staff that support students living in temporary housing. Ask to talk to your school’s community coordinator or your school’s STH liaison to learn about who can provide support for your child’s education and school transportation.

At Your Shelter

The family assistant (also sometimes known as the education liaison), can answer questions about your child’s education and school transportation. If your shelter does not have a family assistant, reach out to your school’s regional manager (see below) or your case manager for any questions regarding your child’s education.

Your Borough's Regional Manager

Regional managers are Department of Education staff who support families living in temporary housing. They can help your child or children with their education needs, such as school enrollment, getting immunizations and school records, organizing transportation to and from school, and addressing any other questions or concerns you may have. Use the link below to find the regional manager in your borough.

Find a Regional Manager

What services do they offer?​


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