Domestic Violence Help

If your family is experiencing domestic violence, there are domestic violence intake centers in all boroughs, open 24/7. You can call the NYC 24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline (1-800-621-HOPE) for help.

Human Resources Administration (HRA)


HRA provides a broad array of services for those seeking local community supports as well as housing alternatives when confronted with domestic violence such as:


  • Housing and Shelter Assistance: safe space to heal from the trauma of abuse through access to housing assistance to help survivors safely remain in their homes or reintegrate into new communities.

  • Benefit Assistance: assistance from social workers at HRA Job Centers to address safety concerns for cash assistance clients who may be endangered through their compliance with program requirements, such as employment and seeking child support.

  • Community Resources: community-based DV services including counseling, educational groups, advocacy, financial counseling and information, referral, and legal services through NYC Family Justice Centers in all five boroughs. To find locations, visit

  • Teen Relationship Abuse Prevention Program (Teen RAPP): a school-based domestic violence prevention program in some 93 NYC schools (10 middle and 83 high schools), RAPP employs a comprehensive curriculum and other services to help students identify and change destructive behavior patterns before they are transferred to adult relationships.

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