What documents do I need to get benefits?

Use the Document Checklist to learn which documents you should bring to agency visits. 


Department of Homeless Services (DHS) 

Case Management Services

Case managers will help families develop an Independent Living Plan (ILP), a document that outlines relevant goals to exit shelter and return to self-sufficiency. You can talk to your case manager at your shelter. 


Department of Youth & Community Development (DYCD)

Crisis Services

Crisis Services Programs offer emergency shelter for runaway and homeless youth up to the age of 21. These voluntary, short-term residential programs provide crisis intervention services aimed at reuniting youth with their families or, if family reunification is not possible, arranging appropriate transitional and long-term placements.

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Transitional Independent Living

Transitional Independent Living facilities provide homeless youth between the ages of 16–21 with support and shelter as they work to establish an independent life.

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Human Resources Administration (HRA)


Homebase is a community-based program that connects New Yorkers at risk of eviction to a wide range of services under one roof, including eviction prevention services, assistance obtaining public benefits, education and job search assistance, financial counseling and money management, short-term financial assistance, and help moving to a new location. Homebase has locations throughout New York City’s five boroughs. 

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Legal Services

If you are facing eviction, if you need help with an immigration matter, if you are a worker facing wage theft or other workplace violations, or if you are facing other legal challenges, you may have access to free legal assistance through HRA's Office of Civil Justice (OCJ). Through OCJ, New York City has made an extraordinary investment in legal services to level the playing field for New Yorkers in need, including tenants, immigrants, low-wage workers and other New Yorkers facing civil legal challenges.

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Rental  Assistance

HRA provides a variety of rental assistance programs, including the provision of emergency rental assistance to prevent evictions for low-income families and individuals, the operation of the Family Homelessness Eviction Prevention Supplement  (FHEPS) Program for families with children on Cash Assistance who are facing eviction, and the CityFHEPS Program that assists families and individuals in avoiding homelessness and, if residing in shelter, in relocating to permanent housing.

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